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Machines of Our Disgrace

by Circle of Dust



Machines of Our Disgrace marks the 5th full-length studio album for industrial music pioneer Circle of Dust, after a near 20 year hiatus. Created by artist/producer Klayton, best known for his multi-genre project Celldweller, Circle of Dust returns to Klayton’s industrial roots with metal riffs, pulsing electronics and catchy songwriting.

Klayton pushes the envelope of fusing modern metal and electronic production with gritty industrial noise & samples on Machines of Our Disgrace, while incorporating both aggressive and melodic vocals with thought provoking lyrics about man’s technological evolution. Songs like “Contagion” and the title track “Machines of Our Disgrace” question our relationship with technology while “alt_Human” and “Neurachem” explore the world of biohacking and genetic modification. The tracks “Hive Mind” and “Humanarchy” provide commentary on man’s place in modern society’s political and scientific moral ambiguity. The emotionally charged “Outside In” shows Klayton’s softer side in a heart-gripping track with lush harmonies, acoustic guitars, pulsing sound design and introspective lyrics.

Machines of Our Disgrace is the album fans have been waiting for the last 20 years and is sure to stand as one of Klayton’s crowning achievements. In anticipation of a brand new album, Klayton remastered and re-released the entire Circle of Dust back-catalogue in 2016, featuring the albums Circle of Dust (self-titled), Brainchild, Metamorphosis, Disengage and a side project titled Argyle Park, each originally released in the 90s.

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released December 9, 2016

All songs written, performed, produced & mixed by Klayton

Art by: Ninja Jo


all rights reserved



Circle of Dust Los Angeles, California

Klayton is...
-Circle of Dust
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Circle of Dust, the 90s industrial / electronic-rock project created by Klayton, marked the beginning of the musical career of the man who later went on to create Celldweller. Now after 20 years, Circle of Dust is back.
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Track Name: Machines of Our Disgrace
Paralyzing elixir of contempt
Overriding sobriety's attempt
A narcissism
We so eagerly embrace
Smile as we assemble
The machines of our disgrace

In such a willing host
The real disease
Has been misdiagnosed
And difficult to face
We've built our own destruction
The machines of our disgrace

Without a fight
Mind parasite
Track Name: Contagion
Has nobody noticed our infection?
This slow and willing genocide
Terminal sickness spreads
Through thoughts inside our heads
Our consciences under the knife

Willing transmission of disease
Worship new deities

We’ve all succumbed to misdirection
Lost in the concerns of our own lives
Sedated willingly by our technology
Ignorant bliss until we die

Have we been sick since our inception?
Doomed to our own willing suicide
And as we watch it spread
The living become dead
But never stop to question why


Sickness in disguise
Our contagion
Open up our eyes
Our contagion
Track Name: Embracing Entropy (feat. Celldweller)
Breaking down
Burning out
Closing in
Fading out
To entropy
I am bound

Closing down
Burning out
Caving in
Pushing out
To entropy
I am bound

I can’t make up my mind
When it’s made up for me
My system's in decline,
Embracing entropy

The ground has given way
To instability
So long solid foundation and
Hello dear anarchy
Impossible to control
Impossible to see
So we heed the call into the fall
One and all embracing entropy

Breaking down
Burning out
Blinding doubt
Fading in
Closing out
To entropy
I am bound
Track Name: Humanarchy
Selfless and selfish
We coexist
Hell for the helpless
Chaos persists
Slaves of disorder
Single world order

Think we know who we are
And that we've come so far
Our arrogance our scar
The price of all we take
Destruction of all we break
The lives that we forsake

In warlike fashion
Make our defense
Human compassion
Our great pretense
Strong prey on weakness
With no empathy
So much for meekness
Track Name: alt_Human
Inbred weakness broken and flawed
Finite lifespan and far from a god
Visions of heaven for mankind that's lost
And selling our future without knowing the cost

Prepare the way for what some say is soon to come

We play god
Germline mod
Loaded gun
Creating alt_Human

Sickness and defect replaced at its core
CRISPR/Cas9 the germline explored
Designer children choose intelligence & sex
All without knowing the long term effects

Recoded Humans
Shifting Paradigm
We can’t see where this path will lead
And we're running out of time

We play god
Germline mod
Loaded gun
Creating alt_Human
Instating alt_Human
Awaiting alt_Human
Track Name: Hive Mind
Don’t worry about your life
We’ll help to pacify
Collective, controlling
As your will's corroding

Counterfeit placation
Under our sedation
And no one seems to mind
That our light makes them blind

The sell is easy
Cuz you don’t want to know
Don’t want to believe
The things that we control
No real resistance
No thoughts to why
We’ll keep existing
While you deny

We are hive mind

There’s no use believing
That we are deceiving
Disregard what you know
Keep reaping what we sow
Track Name: Outside In
It's hard for me to face
That so much time has passed
And all the things that went away
Were those I thought would last
It’s hard to look into
The mirror dark within
And not embracing the reflection there
May be my greatest sin

Sometimes I feel
I'm on the outside looking in
It's like I'm watching someone else
Living in my skin
Hope has stained my heart in vain
I'm drowning in my sin
Sometimes I feel
I'm on the outside looking in

Standing here with empty hands
To fill my heart
And thinking I am winning
In a race I didn't start
Why is it that I always fail
To hit the mark?
How can I be connecting
While I'm unplugged in my heart

Father have mercy on your son
Always bring me home again
However far I've run
Father grant wisdom for within
So I no longer have to be
On the outside looking in
Track Name: Neurachem
Excision of the heart
Precision of the mind
So this is how we start
To leave our weaknesses behind
Senses are intensified
The dawning of the Übermensch
Our abilities are amplified
When we are cranking up the neurachem

Impervious to pain
Deletion of all fear
Our loss will be our gain
As human deficiencies all disappear
Perfectly designed
To see it through to the end
Synaptic transmissions redline
When we are cranking up the neurachem

Of the end
Altered state, activate
Track Name: Neophyte
Wandering aimlessly
Look up
Living impassively
Fade out
Wondering silently
So loud
Wake from this fantasy
Wake up

Welcome home neophyte
Eternal satellite
A darker place a darker time
Both stripped away beneath the light
An old vision to replace
A new knowledge to embrace
You will ascend until the end
For this is your beginning, neophyte

Wandering mindlessly
Look up
Dim light of sanity
Fade out
Raging so quietly
So loud
Wake from this fantasy
Wake up

When no trace of light remains
And death’s wind blows
I’ll wrap my wings around you
Never let you go

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