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  1. Brainchild (Remixed)

  2. Brainchild (Remastered) [Limited Edition]

  3. Deviate (Kodeseven Remix) [Single]

  4. Descend (Sebastian Komor Remix)

  5. Regressor (Battlejuice Remix) [Single]

  6. Telltale Crime (The Forgotten Remix) [Single]

  7. Deviate (Void Chapter Remix) [Single]

  8. Prayers of a Dead Man (Kaixo Remix) [Single]

  9. Neurachem (Kaixo Remix) [Single]

  10. Circle of Dust (Remixed)

  11. Parasite (Animattronic Remix) [Single]

  12. Circle of Dust (25th Anniversary Edition) [Instrumentals]

  13. Circle of Dust (25th Anniversary Edition)

  14. Parasite (25th Anniversary Mix) [Single]

  15. Nothing Sacred (25th Anniversary Mix) [Instrumental] [Single]

  16. Nothing Sacred (25th Anniversary Mix) [Single]

  17. Dissolved (EP)

  18. Dissolved (iVardensphere Remix) [Single]

  19. Consequence (EP)

  20. Consequence (Alex Yarmak Remix) [Single]

  21. Twisted Reality (EP)

  22. Twisted Reality (Void Chapter Remix) [Single]

  23. Nightfall (EP)

  24. Nightfall (FreqGen Remix) [Single]

  25. Rational Lies (EP)

  26. Rational Lies (Cyanotic Remix) [Single]

  27. Self Inflict (EP)

  28. Self Inflict (The Anix Remix) [Single]

  29. Demoralize (EP)

  30. Demoralize (Rabbit Junk Remix) [Single]

  31. Onenemy (EP)

  32. Onenemy (Soul Extract Remix) [Single]

  33. Onenemy (Fury Weekend Remix) [Single]

  34. Circle of Dust (Demos & Rarities)

  35. Circle of Dust (Demos & Rarities) [Deluxe Edition]

  36. Nothing Sacred (Sebastian Komor Remix) [Single]

  37. Hive Mind (Animattronic Volcania Remix) [Single]

  38. Full Circle: The Birth, Death & Rebirth of Circle of Dust (Official Soundtrack)

  39. Hive Mind (Animattronic Remix) [Single]

  40. alt_Machines (Instrumentals) [Digital Album]

  41. alt_Machines

  42. Outside In (Raizer Remix) [Single]

  43. Embracing Entropy (feat. Celldweller) [The Plague Remix] [Single]

  44. Neurachem (Voicians Remix) [Single]

  45. Contagion (Sebastian Komor Remix) [Single]

  46. Dust to Dust (Single)

  47. Machines of Our Disgrace (Instrumentals)

  48. Circle of Dust Digital Anthology

  49. Machines of Our Disgrace

  50. Disengage (Remastered)

  51. Disengage (Remastered) [Deluxe Edition]

  52. Misguided (Remastered)
    Argyle Park

  53. Misguided (Remastered) [Deluxe Edition]
    Argyle Park

  54. Metamorphosis (Remastered)

  55. Metamorphosis (Remastered) [Deluxe Edition]

  56. Brainchild (Remastered)

  57. Brainchild (Remastered) [Deluxe Edition]

  58. Circle of Dust (Remastered)

  59. Circle of Dust (Remastered) [Deluxe Edition]


Circle of Dust Los Angeles, California

Klayton is...
-Circle of Dust
- FreqGen

Circle of Dust, the 90s industrial / electronic-rock project created by Klayton, marked the beginning of the musical career of the man who later went on to create Celldweller. Now after 20 years, Circle of Dust is back.
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